Thursday, June 16, 2016

Creating your perfect AV

Before I begin my travels, I thought I would explain how to give yourself  makeover.
First we will start with a noob. Using one of the beginning avatars, I will explain how to turn yourself into a fabulous avatar.

Before you begin, get an idea of the look you want in your head.

First thing to change is your shape. You can easily edit the shape you have, or you can buy one. If you buy one, make sure it's modifiable. Also before you edit, make a copy. It's easy to make a mistake. So by having a copy, you start over again. Your shape is the foundation of your look. It may take time till you get it exactly the way you want. To be honest, you may find yourself changing periodically. But getting a basic look, will provide a good start.

Second thing to change is your skin. Where your shape is the foundation, your skin can make or break your look. Skin makers usually have demos, so check out the demos before you buy. Check out several, and I would go with a base skin, instead of anything with facial hair or elaborate makeup. You can always get makeup and facial hair tattoos, to change the look of a base skin. This makes things a lot cheaper, as skins run for 1000L-2000L and you can get various makeups for under 200L. I would pick out our eyes at this point too. For places to get great body parts, click here. For makeup and tattoos click here. Once you have a skin, you will need to pick up a good hairstyle, click here for places.

A word about mesh.....A lot of people are going to mesh bodies, heads, feet or hands. Mesh bodies can't wear standard sl clothes. Also standard sl avatars can't wear appliers. Since I have a lot of clothes for standard av, I am going back and forth on my avatar. I just chose a skin maker that makes appliers for all my mesh. Another thing most shoes are slink shoes now, so its a good idea to buy slink feet. Just remember if you get a mesh head, you can't change the features, so choose one you are 100% happy with.

Now that you have basics complete it's time to decide on your first outfit. Depending on what you are planning to do in SL will dictate what kind of clothes you will want. But you should have at least one casual everyday outfit that isn't over revealing, or makes you look like your about to blow up a town. For a list of fashion stores, click here or search the marketplace. Before you buy an outfit make sure it works with your body. Look at the advertisement carefully, before you buy.

Like real life most places expect you to wear shoes.  But before you buy shoes make sure they are for slink or standard. Slink shoes will have the slink symbol on them. You will have to have slink feet to wear them. For shoe shopping, click here..

Next step is jewelry and accessories. No avatar is complete without that added something. For jewelry and accessories, click here.

No your not finished yet. One last thing, you need is an AO. AO is short for animation override. This will change the way you walk and stand. You find a decent 1L one at akeyo, they have one for men and one for women, for only 1L. For a list of places to get ao's, click here.

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