Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Anachron sells clothes, buildings, shoes, hair and accessories. In the clothes, hair and shoes sections you can find various cultural, retro, contemporary, Victorian, steampunk, ancient, medieval, fantasy and futuristic.

Belle Epoque
Belle Epoque sells ladies clothes, shoes and accessories. The style is very girly with vintage, fantasy, kawaii, and Lolita looks

Eclectica sells jewelry, accessories and shoes in vintage steampunk and fantasy styles.
Blog   Marketplace sells ladies shoes, style is girly and feminine.

Grumble carries casual ladies wear, jewelry, accessories and slink shoes. The overall style is girly, sexy and have some very cutsey pieces

Immerschoen carries standard tattoos, appliers tattoos, standard shoes, slink shoes, clothes for both men and women. The overall style is biker, rocker and very sexy.

Ingenue a ladies wear store carry slink shoes, casual dresses and mix and match pieces. The overall look is vintage inspired and girly.

Jungle wear
Jungle wear is a men's store. They carry a lot of basic and everyday wear. They also carry western wear and shoes

House of Rhye and Vengeful Threads
House of Rhye and Vengeful Threads carries clothes and footwear for men and women. The styles you will find are gothic, historical, and biker. Their clothes are classic avatar only

Kokoia carres shoes for men and women, in both slink and standard

Lassitude and Ennui
Lassitude and Ennui sells slink shoes, boots, jewelry and clothes for ladies. The style is girly, fantasy and historical.

Le.Look: Ladies wear, they carry shoes, clothes and hosiery. The look is sexy, and they some items are for maitreya bodies only.

May Creations carries clothes and boots in biker style for men and women.

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