Wednesday, December 14, 2016

2016 Christmas Town!!

2016 Christmas Town!!

Have you ever wanted to ice skate into your favorite holiday movie? Well now you can. Here is an amazing ride that you essentially fall asleep and literally visit the wonderful movies of It's a wonderful life, A Christmas Story, Grinch, Charlie Brown, Christmas Vacation, and of course Frozen.

To Start this ride, simply stand on one of the poseballs and begin.  The ride stops several times at the beginning to right it's self, don't jump off. I was blown away by this ride. Loved it! Everyone should do this once this year!

But wait they have more!! Here you can get your picture taken with Santa, march in a band, shop and even snow sled.

The sled area is located in a tunnel, and the track is huge! Definitely check that out.

Be sure to check their card making kiosk. Here you can make a card for a special someone.

Finally they change the sim six times a year, so sign up on the kiosk to get info when the change.

The kind of sim:
Christmas 2016,

How to dress for the sim
Casual, Christmas and winter looks are your best bet. The sim is rated mature, but I wouldn't go overly sexy here, as it has a very family feel here.

What to do
Take picture with Santa, make cards for loved ones, amazing xmas ride, snow sled,

The events going on

who will love it
anyone in the Christmas mood, families group hangout, and even date.

Rp and picture taking:
no real rp, but could easily be part of a personal family rp, lots of great places for Christmas photos

special notes
The sim changes 6 times a year, so sign up for notices!

The times you will find people on
People are there often, but not really a meetup place


Hope you enjoyed my review and look for me inworld:
Ashlyn Cazalet

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Two Moons Paradise

Two moons Paradise is a beautiful sim that has several gorgeous areas. Over all it is a great place to take a date, as there lots of secluded dance areas and cuddle spots all over the sim. The main area is the beach. Here at the beach area you will find a gallery, shops and a main club. I believe the main club is formal. They do have free formal wear available for those that don't have any. Also there is a rezz area on the beach to rezz the clothes. Here you can also is area you can rezz boats and water vehicles to enjoy sailing the area. There are many things to ride at 2 moons. But I found that the hot air balloon was one of the nicest.

The winter area
The winter area is a beautiful place too relax, dance, ice skate, snow sledge, and enjoy the company of the animals. There is a place to rezz a free sled, that you ride all over the winter area. This area is very romantic with a gazebo for private dances, a cave to hide in and whisper sweet nothings and beautiful arch that would be a perfect setting for a wedding. If you are here with a group, there is nice seating area to just hangout with. As long as you don't mind the animals watching you.

The Forest area
The forest area is a magical area filled with lots of woodland creatures, dance area, lots of cuddle bubbles, swings, fairy circle and a rideable dragon fly.

The mermaid Village
One of the nicest parts of 2 moons paradise is the mermaid village. The village has lots of homes available for merfolk to rent. It also has a mer mall, rideable sea horses, underwater dance club, and a shipwreck to explore.

Space station and The Barn
There is also a space station and a barn. The space station is a perfect place to take a date to dance on the moon. The Barn has a country atmosphere where dances are held regularly.

The kind of sim:
clubbing, hangout, romantic,

How to dress for this sim
Depends on the area and events you are going to. It's very much a club, romance and date type sim. So generally I would say cocktail, formal, or date attire, if it's not a theme party, or a mermaid function.

What to do:
7 seas fishing, dancing, clubbing, mermaiding, cuddling, dating, hanging out, view art

The events going on:
There are events going on weekly, if not daily for more information check out their blog and facebook

Rp and picture taking:
Not really a place for rp, but lots of wonderful places for picture taking. Some of the settings you will find are mermaid, space, winterland, fantasy forest, beach and more.

The times you will find people on
I found people most times I visited.

Hope you enjoyed my review and look for me inworld:
Ashlyn Cazalet

Monday, October 24, 2016

Blake deep

The land sims in the Blake sea are wonderful, But it's under the sea, where the real magic is. If your a merfolk or a deep sea diver, this is a must to check out.

There are many things to see underwater. As you explore, you will see often see a map. This map will give you tp's to the under water sites. I won't talk about all the tp spots. I don't want to spoil the experience.

One of the best land sims is Flotsam. Underneath is even better. Here there are ruins and caves. There is also a glass under water room where non sea creatures can view the underwater world. Remember merfolk, don't tap on the glass. It scares the humans. Also here you can find the most magical underwater cave. Be sure to check out my review of  above ground Flotsam.

In Blake Roatan is an adorable underwater farm. The tuna fish are the cutest. This area is heavy with pirates, sea battles and battle training. So those under the sea, may need to take care.

The Hippodrome is located in Blake cove. It is a beautiful race arena. Looks like something you would find in ancient Rome.

In union passage you can find and underwater mer sandbox, mer mall and most especially is safe waters. I created a post for safe waters, you can read it here.

Fanci Deep is home to many merfolk and sea creatures. It's a residential community that has some of the best homes a mermaid could love. During Halloween most of residents decorated and they featured an amazing home tour. I can't wait to see what is done during Yule/Christmas

Above the water in Fanci Deep SW is Barnacle Bob's bait shop. Here you can fish (7 seas fishing) ride a dolphin, and even ride a fishy submarine. This is also a perfect place for the land lubbers to dive into the Blake deeps

Of course there are many wrecks and caves to check out through out the Blake deep. I have left out quite a bit, so don't hesitate to come and check it out

The kind of sim:
underwater, diving, merfolk, part of the Blake sea

How to dress for this sim:
deep sea diver, merfolk or some type of sea creature

What to do:
dive, explore, rp being a merfolk or sea creature

The events going on: 
There are weekly events check the calendar at Safe waters for more details.

Rp and picture taking:
There is a whole mermaid community here, lots of rp opportunities for those
special notes

surl: check above, several locations to choose from

Hope you enjoyed my review and look for me inworld:
Ashlyn Cazalet

you can find my experience here

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Slaughter Creek

One of the unique aspects about this haunted sim, is its loosely based on real ghosts. It's based on the hauntings of Monte Crisco in Australia. Which is known as the most haunted house in Australia. For more information on the real life haunting click here, here, and here.

Before you come to Slaughter Creek you might want to grab an umbrella. It's raining, and there are a lot of things to explore outside.

Of course check out the Manor house. While there, be sure to find the secret rooms, and don't upset Mrs. Crawley. 

Outside there are several caves to explore, a playgrounds, several buildings and a boat tour.  Unfortunately the playground is just for show. I would have loved to play on the playground around the zombie children. But the equipment is for show only.

Also be sure to go across the bridge. There is a very spooky church and cave. Just be careful of the wolves.

Overall it's a very nice sim. A great place for haunted pictures and a fun place to explore with a group.

The kind of sim:
Haunted, place to hangout, explore and enjoy

How to dress for this sim:
Casual clothes work, it's raining and muddy, so might go with rain boots,

What to do:
explore, boat tour, take pictures

Role play and picture taking:
The sim has lots of spots ideal for gruesome picture taking.

Who will love it:
people who love haunted houses

Hope you enjoyed my review and look for me inworld:
Ashlyn Cazalet

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Safe waters foundation

Safe waters foundation is the number one spot, every merfolk should visit at least once. Here you will find everything you need to get started in the merfolk community. They even offer a cheap mer transformation kit, for men and women.

Every Friday at 7pm and Saturday at 10 am SLT is the mer support gathering. A perfect way for the new merfolk to get to know others.

Other valuable resources you can find here are advertising boards with links to shops, rentals, sims, hangouts, and rps that cater to underwater living. Also calendars that announce underwater events across the grid.

You can also find a mer garden with freebies, self guided tours, a mer mall and a mer sandbox.

I was very impressed with this place.

The kind of sim:
educational, helpful, merfolk

how to dress for this sim:
merfolk, sea creature, diver

What to do
connect with other mer folk, find places to hang out, shop etc

The events going on:
weekly support groups

who will love it:
mer folk and sea creatures

The times you will find people on:
I found people here at all times.


Hope you enjoyed my review and look for me inworld:
Ashlyn Cazalet

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Pirate sims of the Blake sea

Many of the sims you encounter in the Sailor Cove West part, of the Blake Sea are residential. The exception is Flotsam, Fanci Deep and the Pirate Sims.

The Pirate sims are the home of great sea battles. You can usually catch them around 10-11 am slt and 4-7 slt. For more information, there is a board with all the upcoming events listed on it.

Blake Navy and Pirate Seaport is primarily a roleplay sim. It is the home of the Blake Battle group. Those visiting are expected to be in character and should be dressed as a pirate or in the clothing of the 17th and 18th centuries. Overall the sim looks like an old shipping fort.

On the docks you will find several boat displays from the store, Ships and bits. You can even change the ship being displayed. On the docks and along the shore are sea worthy shacks and rooms for rent. A great way to live the Blake sea lifestyle, without having to pay island prices.

The fort sits high on a hill behind the docks. In the fort are some shops and a very nice tavern named the Blue Parrot.

There is  a cave entrance, that I believe to be one of the pirates strongholds on the island. But I won't give its details away.

Those wishing to take part in land or sea battles, must get prior permission from the sim owner. Then you will need to take note of the flag flying. A green flag means combat is permitted. If a red flag is flying, it means no combat is allowed.

I didn't find the roleplay to be very active when I was visiting. But it would make for a beautiful setting for a small group wishing to play out some historical or pirate rp. It would also be the perfect background for pirate pictures.

Rib Island
Rib Island is a practice range. The perfect spot for testing out a battle ship before taking it into battle. I often found this sim on fire. So be careful!

The kind of sim:
pirate, sailing, roleplay, combat

How to dress for this sim:
pirate, pirate inspired, 18th-19th century

Storyline, rp, background:
The setting is 18th-19th century, and great for pictures and rp

What to do:
roleplay, watch and be part of ship battles, watch races, be in races

Who will love it:
roleplayers, pirates, combat rpers, people who love boats and sea battles,

Blake Navy and Pirate Seaport-
Rib Island-

Hope you enjoyed my review and look for me inworld:
Ashlyn Cazalet

Thursday, September 22, 2016


Oddly, it was the SL coastguard that led me here. They have a big map of Blake sea there, and on this section is a big pirate symbol. So of course I had to come here as soon as possible.

The sim is like a pirate theme park, I love it! The description says spend a couple hours. I spent two days and that didn't seem like enough.

After I arrived, I carefully hide my umbrella boat. You can't be too careful, especially around pirates. I wasn't sure what to expect. But I found a typical pirate town. There are plenty of stores to gather supplies. (the stores are just for show, nothing to purchase) You can also find a Chinese laundry, an inn, tattoo parlor, bank, courthouse and of course a pub.

One thing that Flotsam offers is underwater tours. I jumped at the chance. The tour was over all very nice. But some how we ran a ground. Thankfully no one was hurt. I ended up in some place called Taurus Passage. The only one on this island was an old man, who told me all about the mermaids, that live near by. I am not sure as I believe him. But I will be checking that out soon.

Another amazing attraction is called Cap'n Nemo's underwater attraction. This is like a maze of underwater rooms. These rooms are a steampunk scientist's dream.

There is even a underwater treasure hunt. So be sure to have a diving suit ready. It took awhile to get to the first ship wreck, so be patient and don't give up.

Overall these sims are loads of fun. It's a great place to come with a group to have a day of fun. Or just by yourself.

The kind of sim:
pirate, sailing,  diving, merfolking, amusement park,

How to dress for this sim:
Like a pirate! I saw people dressing in modern wear and did not see any rules about dress code.

Storyline, rp, background:
I don't know of any on going rp's or storylines going on here. But it is a great setting for a small pirate story/pictures. Also amusement park story/pictures would work too.

What to do:
explore the nautilus, take an underwater tour in a luxurious submarine, explore Cap'n Nemo's underwater adventure, do an underwater treasure hunt,

Who will love it:
Pirates, mermaids, sailors, divers, explorers and people who just like to have fun


Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Hollywood and SL coastguard

I set out for the SL museum of sailing. But managed to end up at the SL coastguard. Which wouldn't' have been bad. But I was dressed as a pirate at the time. Luckily no one saw me, and I was able to change before someone did. While I was there I decided to research the SL coastguard. I was surprised to find, that they provide more of a service than I had thought.

They aren't affiliated with any real life government or real world company. They do however actually teach real life boat safety. They also assist SL land owners on water sims, with various water and boating issues.

It's not just sailing that is a big sport here, in SL and the Blake sea. Another big thing here is flying. Behind the coastguard building is the Hollywood Airport. There you can buy aircrafts, rezz and fly. There are two long runways to aide you in taking off, and gives you a whole new SL experience.

This sim is way bigger than I thought. But I finally made it to the museum. It's funny I knew people sailed in SL but never knew it was this big. They have daily races, yacht clubs and more. At the museum you pick up freebies, learn about the history of sl sailing, and learn about sl racing. For those wanting to get into sl sailing, this is the place to start.

The sim offers rental spots for your boat or yacht. (Please remember, the boats there are private property and are not to be explored or used) For those who really love the sailing lifestyle, they offer home rentals, in this area too.

Of course it wouldn't be Hollywood without the walk of fame or the famous Hollywood sign. I couldn't resist. I had to sit on the sign.

While I was at the SL coastguard I saw a map of the Blake sea. There was on part, near here, that had a big pirate symbol on it. So that clearly is going to be my next stop!

The kind of sim is it:
sailing, aviation, educational, rentals, shopping

modern day with a nautical feel, but not too tropical

How to dress for this sim:
nice casual, aviator look, nautical, beachwear is ok, but you might want to keep that on the docks and boats. 

Storyline and background:
This sim has been around for a very long time. In many ways is the history of Sl sailing. This isn't an rp sim, but it works as a great setting for storylines or pictures for nautical, and aviation stories. Also it has the Hollywood airport, you could use it as a setting for any airport story settings.

What to do:
fly planes, sail, hangout with friends, walk the walk of fame, and even sit on the Hollywood sign

Who should visit:
anyone who loves flying and sailing, actually I think everyone should visit once


Ashlyn Cazalet :)

Monday, September 19, 2016

Talk like a Pirate-The Blake Sea

In honor of talk like a pirate day, I will be starting a sea voyage.

I have purchased an adorable umbrella boat. I will be exploring and reviewing the Blake sea and the areas nearby. The Blake sea is a large group of sims, that you can easily sail to.

I started at a little island. As I looked out could see various islands and ports. So here I go

To find this little island, click here

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Phat Cat's Jazz Lounge

I came to Phat cat’s out of curiosity. This use to be one of my favorite hang outs when first came to SL. But had not been here for awhile.

I must say I had a marvelous time. My fiancé, Poe and I spent the evening dancing, to beautiful jazz music. Poe enjoyed a game of pool while I drank, pink champagne at the bar. It was a marvelous drink, it did go to my head a little quickly though.

All lovebirds should do this date night at least once.

The kind of sim:
jazz club, restaurant, shopping, romantic,

how to dress for this sim
As long as you are covered and decent, you will ok, but they prefer formal: ladies-long formal dresses and men-suit or tux

What to do
Shop, dance, play pool, hang out

The events going on
They have an array of dj shows through out the day, they usually have shows going between 10 am slt to 10 pm slt

What kind of music:
They play jazz music. They do have DJ’s

who will love it
It's a great date night place,

The times you will find people on
they have a events daily so anytime between 8a slt and 11p slt you can usually find people

special notes
no weapons are allowed on the sim.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Fantasy gear

Anachron sells clothes, buildings, shoes, hair and accessories. In the clothes, hair and shoes sections you can find various cultural, retro, contemporary, Victorian, steampunk, ancient, medieval, fantasy and futuristic.

Arcadia carries clothes and accessories for ladies in a dark fantasy style.

Avalon forge  
Avalon forge carries avatars, armor, shoulder pets, weapons,   What to find: shoulder pets-dragons, fairies, rats, mermaids; weapons-shields and swords; statues-skeletal knights, giant dragon,  giant stone knight; avatars-giant spider, skeletal knights, grimm reaper, skeleton, ghost, tiny fairies, big dragon, big skeletal dragon, giant chicken, rat,

Caverna Obscura
Caverna Obscura sells clothes, shoes and accessories with a historical and fantasy design. Many of the looks have a woodland look.

Crystal Clothing Co
Crystal sells fantasy and formal dresses

Curious kittens
Curious kittens carries, shapes, skins, avatars, clothes, jewelry and accessories for men and women. Their styles are goth, neko, fantasy, sci fi, and Lolita.

Epos and Stitched
Epos and Stitched carries modern, historical and fantasy clothes for men and women. They also carry mermaid tails, and togas.

Goth1c0 sells clothes and accessories for men and women. The styles are goth, rockabilly, vintage, and fantasy.
blog   marketplace   flickr

Grollwerk sells whole avatars, sculptures, armor and clothes with a sci fi, goth and fantasy style.

House of Rhye and Vengeful Threads
House of Rhye and Vengeful Threads carries clothes and footwear for men and women. The styles you will find are gothic, historical, and biker. Their clothes are classic avatar only

Moon Elixir
Moon Elixir sells clothes accessories and jewelry for fantasy and tribal.

PFC sells clothes, body parts, weapons, household stuff. The style is tribal, pre-historic and fantasy.

Senzafine sells clothes for men and women in fantasy, goth, and historical styles.

White Armory
White Armory sells weapons,  jewelry, mesh fantasy wear for men and women.

Wicca Wardrobe
Wicca's wardrobe sells clothes, jewelry, accessories, shoes and poses for men and women. The styles you will find are biker, rocker, dramatic, fantasy an avant garde  Find them: in worldMPweb, Facebook, Twitter


Jain carries buildings, furniture, landscaping, animals and décor


Blueberry Hill
Blueberry Hill sells furniture and décor that is novelty, whimsical, vintage, shabby chic with a touch of country.

Chimia sells indoor and outdoor furniture done in a shabby chic style. Also have novelty pieces like ballooned chairs and a flying couch
flickr  Facebook   blog  

Fancy Décor sells furniture, décor and accessories. The over all style is modern eclectic, with a soft rustic look.
flickr, marketplace

Jain carries buildings, furniture, landscaping, animals and decor

Little Llama
Little Llama sells furniture, décor, accessories and jewelry. The style is fun, retro, kid, cutsey and kawaii.  marketplace

Meshworx sells furnishings and décor. The styles are contemporary, artsy, vintage. They carry couches, vases, chandeliers, tables and chairs,

Noble Creations
Noble Creations sells furniture of historical and fantasy style

PFC sells clothes, body parts, weapons, household stuff. The style is tribal, pre-historic and fantasy.

Pixel Mode
Pixel Mode sells outdoor, bedroom, dining and living room furniture

Velvet Whip
Velvet Whip sells furniture, décor, home accessories, weapons, wearables, and food. The style is fantasy, old world, and vintage You can find furnishings for the kitchen, dining, medical, library, bedroom, outdoors, and ships

Zerkalo sells furniture and décor for the bedroom, dining room, living room and role play
marketplace  facebook   flickr   twitter  plurk

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Creating your perfect AV

Before I begin my travels, I thought I would explain how to give yourself  makeover.
First we will start with a noob. Using one of the beginning avatars, I will explain how to turn yourself into a fabulous avatar.

Before you begin, get an idea of the look you want in your head.

First thing to change is your shape. You can easily edit the shape you have, or you can buy one. If you buy one, make sure it's modifiable. Also before you edit, make a copy. It's easy to make a mistake. So by having a copy, you start over again. Your shape is the foundation of your look. It may take time till you get it exactly the way you want. To be honest, you may find yourself changing periodically. But getting a basic look, will provide a good start.

Second thing to change is your skin. Where your shape is the foundation, your skin can make or break your look. Skin makers usually have demos, so check out the demos before you buy. Check out several, and I would go with a base skin, instead of anything with facial hair or elaborate makeup. You can always get makeup and facial hair tattoos, to change the look of a base skin. This makes things a lot cheaper, as skins run for 1000L-2000L and you can get various makeups for under 200L. I would pick out our eyes at this point too. For places to get great body parts, click here. For makeup and tattoos click here. Once you have a skin, you will need to pick up a good hairstyle, click here for places.

A word about mesh.....A lot of people are going to mesh bodies, heads, feet or hands. Mesh bodies can't wear standard sl clothes. Also standard sl avatars can't wear appliers. Since I have a lot of clothes for standard av, I am going back and forth on my avatar. I just chose a skin maker that makes appliers for all my mesh. Another thing most shoes are slink shoes now, so its a good idea to buy slink feet. Just remember if you get a mesh head, you can't change the features, so choose one you are 100% happy with.

Now that you have basics complete it's time to decide on your first outfit. Depending on what you are planning to do in SL will dictate what kind of clothes you will want. But you should have at least one casual everyday outfit that isn't over revealing, or makes you look like your about to blow up a town. For a list of fashion stores, click here or search the marketplace. Before you buy an outfit make sure it works with your body. Look at the advertisement carefully, before you buy.

Like real life most places expect you to wear shoes.  But before you buy shoes make sure they are for slink or standard. Slink shoes will have the slink symbol on them. You will have to have slink feet to wear them. For shoe shopping, click here..

Next step is jewelry and accessories. No avatar is complete without that added something. For jewelry and accessories, click here.

No your not finished yet. One last thing, you need is an AO. AO is short for animation override. This will change the way you walk and stand. You find a decent 1L one at akeyo, they have one for men and one for women, for only 1L. For a list of places to get ao's, click here.