Sunday, October 30, 2016

Two Moons Paradise

Two moons Paradise is a beautiful sim that has several gorgeous areas. Over all it is a great place to take a date, as there lots of secluded dance areas and cuddle spots all over the sim. The main area is the beach. Here at the beach area you will find a gallery, shops and a main club. I believe the main club is formal. They do have free formal wear available for those that don't have any. Also there is a rezz area on the beach to rezz the clothes. Here you can also is area you can rezz boats and water vehicles to enjoy sailing the area. There are many things to ride at 2 moons. But I found that the hot air balloon was one of the nicest.

The winter area
The winter area is a beautiful place too relax, dance, ice skate, snow sledge, and enjoy the company of the animals. There is a place to rezz a free sled, that you ride all over the winter area. This area is very romantic with a gazebo for private dances, a cave to hide in and whisper sweet nothings and beautiful arch that would be a perfect setting for a wedding. If you are here with a group, there is nice seating area to just hangout with. As long as you don't mind the animals watching you.

The Forest area
The forest area is a magical area filled with lots of woodland creatures, dance area, lots of cuddle bubbles, swings, fairy circle and a rideable dragon fly.

The mermaid Village
One of the nicest parts of 2 moons paradise is the mermaid village. The village has lots of homes available for merfolk to rent. It also has a mer mall, rideable sea horses, underwater dance club, and a shipwreck to explore.

Space station and The Barn
There is also a space station and a barn. The space station is a perfect place to take a date to dance on the moon. The Barn has a country atmosphere where dances are held regularly.

The kind of sim:
clubbing, hangout, romantic,

How to dress for this sim
Depends on the area and events you are going to. It's very much a club, romance and date type sim. So generally I would say cocktail, formal, or date attire, if it's not a theme party, or a mermaid function.

What to do:
7 seas fishing, dancing, clubbing, mermaiding, cuddling, dating, hanging out, view art

The events going on:
There are events going on weekly, if not daily for more information check out their blog and facebook

Rp and picture taking:
Not really a place for rp, but lots of wonderful places for picture taking. Some of the settings you will find are mermaid, space, winterland, fantasy forest, beach and more.

The times you will find people on
I found people most times I visited.

Hope you enjoyed my review and look for me inworld:
Ashlyn Cazalet

Monday, October 24, 2016

Blake deep

The land sims in the Blake sea are wonderful, But it's under the sea, where the real magic is. If your a merfolk or a deep sea diver, this is a must to check out.

There are many things to see underwater. As you explore, you will see often see a map. This map will give you tp's to the under water sites. I won't talk about all the tp spots. I don't want to spoil the experience.

One of the best land sims is Flotsam. Underneath is even better. Here there are ruins and caves. There is also a glass under water room where non sea creatures can view the underwater world. Remember merfolk, don't tap on the glass. It scares the humans. Also here you can find the most magical underwater cave. Be sure to check out my review of  above ground Flotsam.

In Blake Roatan is an adorable underwater farm. The tuna fish are the cutest. This area is heavy with pirates, sea battles and battle training. So those under the sea, may need to take care.

The Hippodrome is located in Blake cove. It is a beautiful race arena. Looks like something you would find in ancient Rome.

In union passage you can find and underwater mer sandbox, mer mall and most especially is safe waters. I created a post for safe waters, you can read it here.

Fanci Deep is home to many merfolk and sea creatures. It's a residential community that has some of the best homes a mermaid could love. During Halloween most of residents decorated and they featured an amazing home tour. I can't wait to see what is done during Yule/Christmas

Above the water in Fanci Deep SW is Barnacle Bob's bait shop. Here you can fish (7 seas fishing) ride a dolphin, and even ride a fishy submarine. This is also a perfect place for the land lubbers to dive into the Blake deeps

Of course there are many wrecks and caves to check out through out the Blake deep. I have left out quite a bit, so don't hesitate to come and check it out

The kind of sim:
underwater, diving, merfolk, part of the Blake sea

How to dress for this sim:
deep sea diver, merfolk or some type of sea creature

What to do:
dive, explore, rp being a merfolk or sea creature

The events going on: 
There are weekly events check the calendar at Safe waters for more details.

Rp and picture taking:
There is a whole mermaid community here, lots of rp opportunities for those
special notes

surl: check above, several locations to choose from

Hope you enjoyed my review and look for me inworld:
Ashlyn Cazalet

you can find my experience here

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Slaughter Creek

One of the unique aspects about this haunted sim, is its loosely based on real ghosts. It's based on the hauntings of Monte Crisco in Australia. Which is known as the most haunted house in Australia. For more information on the real life haunting click here, here, and here.

Before you come to Slaughter Creek you might want to grab an umbrella. It's raining, and there are a lot of things to explore outside.

Of course check out the Manor house. While there, be sure to find the secret rooms, and don't upset Mrs. Crawley. 

Outside there are several caves to explore, a playgrounds, several buildings and a boat tour.  Unfortunately the playground is just for show. I would have loved to play on the playground around the zombie children. But the equipment is for show only.

Also be sure to go across the bridge. There is a very spooky church and cave. Just be careful of the wolves.

Overall it's a very nice sim. A great place for haunted pictures and a fun place to explore with a group.

The kind of sim:
Haunted, place to hangout, explore and enjoy

How to dress for this sim:
Casual clothes work, it's raining and muddy, so might go with rain boots,

What to do:
explore, boat tour, take pictures

Role play and picture taking:
The sim has lots of spots ideal for gruesome picture taking.

Who will love it:
people who love haunted houses

Hope you enjoyed my review and look for me inworld:
Ashlyn Cazalet