Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Phat Cat's Jazz Lounge

I came to Phat cat’s out of curiosity. This use to be one of my favorite hang outs when first came to SL. But had not been here for awhile.

I must say I had a marvelous time. My fiancé, Poe and I spent the evening dancing, to beautiful jazz music. Poe enjoyed a game of pool while I drank, pink champagne at the bar. It was a marvelous drink, it did go to my head a little quickly though.

All lovebirds should do this date night at least once.

The kind of sim:
jazz club, restaurant, shopping, romantic,

how to dress for this sim
As long as you are covered and decent, you will ok, but they prefer formal: ladies-long formal dresses and men-suit or tux

What to do
Shop, dance, play pool, hang out

The events going on
They have an array of dj shows through out the day, they usually have shows going between 10 am slt to 10 pm slt

What kind of music:
They play jazz music. They do have DJ’s

who will love it
It's a great date night place,

The times you will find people on
they have a events daily so anytime between 8a slt and 11p slt you can usually find people

special notes
no weapons are allowed on the sim.

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