Saturday, May 28, 2016

Body parts Stores

Adam n Eve
Adam n Eve carry skins and appliers for women and women. The appliers are for slink, maitreya, and letuka. They also carry hosiery, gloves, and nails, for slink. A unique item to find is freckles and blood appliers for slink hands and feet.

Aii The Ugly and The Beautiful
Aii The Ugly and The Beautiful a store that specializes in fantasy style skins, eyes, hairs, tongues, clothes, horns, etc. The skins have appliers for The mesh project. The skins come in fantasy colors, white, pinks, blues etc. The over all look is fantasy and ethereal.

Akeruka sells skins, appliers and mesh heads for men and women. They have especially nice heads for men. As for appliers, they have appliers for catwa, the mesh project, slink, maitreya, belleza, Altamura, and a general omega applier.

Amacci carries skins, appliers, eyes, mesh eyes, and hair. The appliers they carry are maitreya, belleza, slink, phat, lola, and the mesh project. They carry male hair as well as female hair.

Belleza sells mesh bodies, skins and appliers for female avatars. As for appliers, they came in catwa, Lelutka, Logo, slink, phat, loloa, maitreya, and omega

Fallen Gods Inc
Fallen Gods Inc carries mesh fantasy apparal, skins, shapes, eyes, appliers and tattoos. As for appliers they carry slink, lola and midnight lotus. The skin appliers are at a special kiosk in the front. The skins are in almost every color and design imaginable.

Grendel's Children
Grendel's Children carries whole avatars, pets, wings, animals, rideable animals, and homes. Here you can find all sorts of unique avatars to become. They have avatars to turn you into dragons, animals, plants, tinies, dinosaurs, reptile, humanoid, and fish

Jomo sells skins, for men and women, male mesh body parts, unique furry avatars, and mermaid tales

Kmadd carries complete avatars, skins, shapes, eyes, hairs, clothes and poses for both men and women. They carry some very unique female hair that is very elaborate and fantasy like.

Laq carries skins for female standard avatars. They also carry appliers for Phat, Lola, slink, maitreya, belleza, and omega. They will also soon be doing mesh heads

Lelutka carries mesh heads and hair. Also you can purchase glam affair appliers, and maitreya mesh body here.

Pulse carries skins, shapes and eyes for the standard male and female avatars. It also carries standard and mesh clothes for men and women. The female mesh clothes come in, standard and maitreya. The overall clothing style is, sophisticated bohemian.

Redgrave carries clothes, shoes, skins, and eyes for men and women. Ladies apparel has a sexy and glitzy style to them. The men's apparel is casual and everyday look. They do carry suits and tuxes for guys too.

Soul's product are very fantasy centered. They sell skins, appliers, mesh clothing, slink shoes, furniture and buildings. They carry skins in almost any color you can think of and have appliers for mesh bodies and heads.

Tellaq sells, shapes skins, and complete avatars for men. Their products have an very manly look. and most shapes tend to be very built.

Unique megastore
sells skins and eyes for both men and women. Very good quality

VYC carries skins for men, both classic and mesh

Here they sell pets, animal avatars (ferrets, bears, and ponies) tinies, neko tales, and ride able ponies

Zanzo sells skin, eyes, shapes, hair and clothes for both men and women. Most of their products are geared to male avatars. The overall look is  youthful, a bit cutesie and a little quirky. The male skins have a youthful and boyish look to them

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