Saturday, June 18, 2016

Fantasy gear

Anachron sells clothes, buildings, shoes, hair and accessories. In the clothes, hair and shoes sections you can find various cultural, retro, contemporary, Victorian, steampunk, ancient, medieval, fantasy and futuristic.

Arcadia carries clothes and accessories for ladies in a dark fantasy style.

Avalon forge  
Avalon forge carries avatars, armor, shoulder pets, weapons,   What to find: shoulder pets-dragons, fairies, rats, mermaids; weapons-shields and swords; statues-skeletal knights, giant dragon,  giant stone knight; avatars-giant spider, skeletal knights, grimm reaper, skeleton, ghost, tiny fairies, big dragon, big skeletal dragon, giant chicken, rat,

Caverna Obscura
Caverna Obscura sells clothes, shoes and accessories with a historical and fantasy design. Many of the looks have a woodland look.

Crystal Clothing Co
Crystal sells fantasy and formal dresses

Curious kittens
Curious kittens carries, shapes, skins, avatars, clothes, jewelry and accessories for men and women. Their styles are goth, neko, fantasy, sci fi, and Lolita.

Epos and Stitched
Epos and Stitched carries modern, historical and fantasy clothes for men and women. They also carry mermaid tails, and togas.

Goth1c0 sells clothes and accessories for men and women. The styles are goth, rockabilly, vintage, and fantasy.
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Grollwerk sells whole avatars, sculptures, armor and clothes with a sci fi, goth and fantasy style.

House of Rhye and Vengeful Threads
House of Rhye and Vengeful Threads carries clothes and footwear for men and women. The styles you will find are gothic, historical, and biker. Their clothes are classic avatar only

Moon Elixir
Moon Elixir sells clothes accessories and jewelry for fantasy and tribal.

PFC sells clothes, body parts, weapons, household stuff. The style is tribal, pre-historic and fantasy.

Senzafine sells clothes for men and women in fantasy, goth, and historical styles.

White Armory
White Armory sells weapons,  jewelry, mesh fantasy wear for men and women.

Wicca Wardrobe
Wicca's wardrobe sells clothes, jewelry, accessories, shoes and poses for men and women. The styles you will find are biker, rocker, dramatic, fantasy an avant garde  Find them: in worldMPweb, Facebook, Twitter

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