Saturday, June 18, 2016


Blueberry Hill
Blueberry Hill sells furniture and décor that is novelty, whimsical, vintage, shabby chic with a touch of country.

Chimia sells indoor and outdoor furniture done in a shabby chic style. Also have novelty pieces like ballooned chairs and a flying couch
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Fancy Décor sells furniture, décor and accessories. The over all style is modern eclectic, with a soft rustic look.
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Jain carries buildings, furniture, landscaping, animals and decor

Little Llama
Little Llama sells furniture, décor, accessories and jewelry. The style is fun, retro, kid, cutsey and kawaii.  marketplace

Meshworx sells furnishings and décor. The styles are contemporary, artsy, vintage. They carry couches, vases, chandeliers, tables and chairs,

Noble Creations
Noble Creations sells furniture of historical and fantasy style

PFC sells clothes, body parts, weapons, household stuff. The style is tribal, pre-historic and fantasy.

Pixel Mode
Pixel Mode sells outdoor, bedroom, dining and living room furniture

Velvet Whip
Velvet Whip sells furniture, décor, home accessories, weapons, wearables, and food. The style is fantasy, old world, and vintage You can find furnishings for the kitchen, dining, medical, library, bedroom, outdoors, and ships

Zerkalo sells furniture and décor for the bedroom, dining room, living room and role play
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