Places to explore and hangout

**Please note unless I state that the place is a combat zone, Vampire friendly, ok with nudity, BDSM friendly, or is a public sex zone, don't do it! Please be respectful of others! I will eventually compile a list of places that are friendly for combat, vampires, nudity, etc. **

X-Zone A beautiful place that is a kind of mystical steampunk world. Things you will see here are  giant industrial robots, Giant robotic bees, butterflies, clockwork sundial, beautiful trees, one tree has a large face one it, also little ghost will have a tendency to follow you around.
Dress: no real dress code, but if you want to stay with the theme, go with fantasy, steampunk, or a sort of whimsical industrial. But do keep privates covered
Activities: mostly hangout and explore, absolutely NO weapons! there seems to always be people here.

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