Thursday, June 16, 2016

Accessories and jewelry

Aitui carries tattoos and accessories. Their tattoos work with most mesh bodies, the head tattoos are mesh project only. They also lots of piercings, and hud controlled ears for stretching and piercings, with a large collection of tunnels for ears. In their accessories section you can find gas mask, hockey masks, backpacks, archers bag, and wearable skateboards

Anachron sells clothes, buildings, shoes, hair and accessories. In the clothes, hair and shoes sections you can find various cultural, retro, contemporary, Victorian, steampunk, ancient, medieval, fantasy and futuristic.

Arcadia carries clothes and accessories for ladies in a dark fantasy style.

Astralia sells jewelry, hats,  head pieces, masks, wings, etc. The styles are romantic, vintage, nature inspired, fantasy, and kawaii
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Avicandy sells a large selection of hosiery for standard, slink, omega, belleza, and maitreya

Bandit Jewelry
Bandit carries jewelry for men and women. You will find rings, watches, bracelets, necklaces and earrings.

Belle Epoque
Belle Epoque sells ladies clothes, shoes and accessories. The style is very girly with vintage, fantasy, kawaii, and Lolita looks

Chop Zuey
Chop Zuey carries jewelry for men and women. The styles you will find is classic, very formal, dramatic and Avant garde

Cool mint
Cool mint carries a big selection in glasses

Eclectica sells jewelry, accessories and shoes in vintage steampunk and fantasy styles.
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Empyrean Forge
Empyrean sells jewelry for men and women and swords. The styles you will find are fantasy, natural, bohemian, steampunk and vintage.
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Glitzz sells lingerie, jewelry, and accessories. Their lingerie is for standard, mesh project, slink and maitreya

Intrigue Co.
Intrigue Co. sells sunglasses, jewelry, pj's, and toys. The style is novelty, kawaii, and very fun

Krystal fine Jewelry
Krystal sells fine jewelry that has a demure and delicate style.

Kumaki sells glasses, musical instruments, headphones, watches, hats, elven ears, horns pipes, and even blindfolds. The style is vogue with Japanese flavor.

Exquisite sells jewelry for men and women. They carry some costume and fandom pieces

JCNY carries jewelry for men and women. They have large collection of engagement rings and engraveable jewelry

L'Atelier Sad's Jewels
L'Atelier sells jewelry for men and women. Their style is fantasy and novelty, but done in a very glamorous and luxurious way/

Lost Junction
Lost Junction sells jewelry, accessories and furnishings. In the accessories section you can find masks, horns, animal slippers, sunglasses and hair accessories. In Jewelry you can find popsicle and ice cream earrings, necklaces and more. As for furnishings they have statues, pillows, art work, and food. The overall style is playful and whimsical. Just don't Blink

Mandala sells jewelry and ears for men and women. The ears come in human, pixie or elf, clean or multi piercings. They offer stretched ears with large selection of tubes and plugs. The jewelry has exotic and bohemian style to them.

Silent Sparrow
Silent Sparrow carries huggable and wearable stuffed animals, tattoos, jewelry, and clothes in goth and cutsey styles.

The Sugar Garden
The Sugar Garden carries clothes, makeup, shoes and accessories in a very cutsey Kawaii look. You can also find some cutsey goth pieces too

Tabou sells jewelry, hair, clothes and accessories for men and women. The styles they carry are goth, fantasy, urban and steampunk.

Tantalum sells fine jewelry, hair, accessories, for men and women. The styles you can find are classic, vintage, gothic, glam novelty, BDSM and fantasy.
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Zuri Jewelry
Zuri carries jewelry mostly for women. There are a few pieces for women. They have a large collection of wedding rings and tiaras.

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