Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Hollywood and SL coastguard

I set out for the SL museum of sailing. But managed to end up at the SL coastguard. Which wouldn't' have been bad. But I was dressed as a pirate at the time. Luckily no one saw me, and I was able to change before someone did. While I was there I decided to research the SL coastguard. I was surprised to find, that they provide more of a service than I had thought.

They aren't affiliated with any real life government or real world company. They do however actually teach real life boat safety. They also assist SL land owners on water sims, with various water and boating issues.

It's not just sailing that is a big sport here, in SL and the Blake sea. Another big thing here is flying. Behind the coastguard building is the Hollywood Airport. There you can buy aircrafts, rezz and fly. There are two long runways to aide you in taking off, and gives you a whole new SL experience.

This sim is way bigger than I thought. But I finally made it to the museum. It's funny I knew people sailed in SL but never knew it was this big. They have daily races, yacht clubs and more. At the museum you pick up freebies, learn about the history of sl sailing, and learn about sl racing. For those wanting to get into sl sailing, this is the place to start.

The sim offers rental spots for your boat or yacht. (Please remember, the boats there are private property and are not to be explored or used) For those who really love the sailing lifestyle, they offer home rentals, in this area too.

Of course it wouldn't be Hollywood without the walk of fame or the famous Hollywood sign. I couldn't resist. I had to sit on the sign.

While I was at the SL coastguard I saw a map of the Blake sea. There was on part, near here, that had a big pirate symbol on it. So that clearly is going to be my next stop!

The kind of sim is it:
sailing, aviation, educational, rentals, shopping

modern day with a nautical feel, but not too tropical

How to dress for this sim:
nice casual, aviator look, nautical, beachwear is ok, but you might want to keep that on the docks and boats. 

Storyline and background:
This sim has been around for a very long time. In many ways is the history of Sl sailing. This isn't an rp sim, but it works as a great setting for storylines or pictures for nautical, and aviation stories. Also it has the Hollywood airport, you could use it as a setting for any airport story settings.

What to do:
fly planes, sail, hangout with friends, walk the walk of fame, and even sit on the Hollywood sign

Who should visit:
anyone who loves flying and sailing, actually I think everyone should visit once

Teleport: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hollywood/47/111/22

Ashlyn Cazalet :)

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