Thursday, September 22, 2016


Oddly, it was the SL coastguard that led me here. They have a big map of Blake sea there, and on this section is a big pirate symbol. So of course I had to come here as soon as possible.

The sim is like a pirate theme park, I love it! The description says spend a couple hours. I spent two days and that didn't seem like enough.

After I arrived, I carefully hide my umbrella boat. You can't be too careful, especially around pirates. I wasn't sure what to expect. But I found a typical pirate town. There are plenty of stores to gather supplies. (the stores are just for show, nothing to purchase) You can also find a Chinese laundry, an inn, tattoo parlor, bank, courthouse and of course a pub.

One thing that Flotsam offers is underwater tours. I jumped at the chance. The tour was over all very nice. But some how we ran a ground. Thankfully no one was hurt. I ended up in some place called Taurus Passage. The only one on this island was an old man, who told me all about the mermaids, that live near by. I am not sure as I believe him. But I will be checking that out soon.

Another amazing attraction is called Cap'n Nemo's underwater attraction. This is like a maze of underwater rooms. These rooms are a steampunk scientist's dream.

There is even a underwater treasure hunt. So be sure to have a diving suit ready. It took awhile to get to the first ship wreck, so be patient and don't give up.

Overall these sims are loads of fun. It's a great place to come with a group to have a day of fun. Or just by yourself.

The kind of sim:
pirate, sailing,  diving, merfolking, amusement park,

How to dress for this sim:
Like a pirate! I saw people dressing in modern wear and did not see any rules about dress code.

Storyline, rp, background:
I don't know of any on going rp's or storylines going on here. But it is a great setting for a small pirate story/pictures. Also amusement park story/pictures would work too.

What to do:
explore the nautilus, take an underwater tour in a luxurious submarine, explore Cap'n Nemo's underwater adventure, do an underwater treasure hunt,

Who will love it:
Pirates, mermaids, sailors, divers, explorers and people who just like to have fun


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