Sunday, September 25, 2016

Safe waters foundation

Safe waters foundation is the number one spot, every merfolk should visit at least once. Here you will find everything you need to get started in the merfolk community. They even offer a cheap mer transformation kit, for men and women.

Every Friday at 7pm and Saturday at 10 am SLT is the mer support gathering. A perfect way for the new merfolk to get to know others.

Other valuable resources you can find here are advertising boards with links to shops, rentals, sims, hangouts, and rps that cater to underwater living. Also calendars that announce underwater events across the grid.

You can also find a mer garden with freebies, self guided tours, a mer mall and a mer sandbox.

I was very impressed with this place.

The kind of sim:
educational, helpful, merfolk

how to dress for this sim:
merfolk, sea creature, diver

What to do
connect with other mer folk, find places to hang out, shop etc

The events going on:
weekly support groups

who will love it:
mer folk and sea creatures

The times you will find people on:
I found people here at all times.


Hope you enjoyed my review and look for me inworld:
Ashlyn Cazalet

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