Saturday, September 24, 2016

Pirate sims of the Blake sea

Many of the sims you encounter in the Sailor Cove West part, of the Blake Sea are residential. The exception is Flotsam, Fanci Deep and the Pirate Sims.

The Pirate sims are the home of great sea battles. You can usually catch them around 10-11 am slt and 4-7 slt. For more information, there is a board with all the upcoming events listed on it.

Blake Navy and Pirate Seaport is primarily a roleplay sim. It is the home of the Blake Battle group. Those visiting are expected to be in character and should be dressed as a pirate or in the clothing of the 17th and 18th centuries. Overall the sim looks like an old shipping fort.

On the docks you will find several boat displays from the store, Ships and bits. You can even change the ship being displayed. On the docks and along the shore are sea worthy shacks and rooms for rent. A great way to live the Blake sea lifestyle, without having to pay island prices.

The fort sits high on a hill behind the docks. In the fort are some shops and a very nice tavern named the Blue Parrot.

There is  a cave entrance, that I believe to be one of the pirates strongholds on the island. But I won't give its details away.

Those wishing to take part in land or sea battles, must get prior permission from the sim owner. Then you will need to take note of the flag flying. A green flag means combat is permitted. If a red flag is flying, it means no combat is allowed.

I didn't find the roleplay to be very active when I was visiting. But it would make for a beautiful setting for a small group wishing to play out some historical or pirate rp. It would also be the perfect background for pirate pictures.

Rib Island
Rib Island is a practice range. The perfect spot for testing out a battle ship before taking it into battle. I often found this sim on fire. So be careful!

The kind of sim:
pirate, sailing, roleplay, combat

How to dress for this sim:
pirate, pirate inspired, 18th-19th century

Storyline, rp, background:
The setting is 18th-19th century, and great for pictures and rp

What to do:
roleplay, watch and be part of ship battles, watch races, be in races

Who will love it:
roleplayers, pirates, combat rpers, people who love boats and sea battles,

Blake Navy and Pirate Seaport-
Rib Island-

Hope you enjoyed my review and look for me inworld:
Ashlyn Cazalet

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