Wednesday, December 14, 2016

2016 Christmas Town!!

2016 Christmas Town!!

Have you ever wanted to ice skate into your favorite holiday movie? Well now you can. Here is an amazing ride that you essentially fall asleep and literally visit the wonderful movies of It's a wonderful life, A Christmas Story, Grinch, Charlie Brown, Christmas Vacation, and of course Frozen.

To Start this ride, simply stand on one of the poseballs and begin.  The ride stops several times at the beginning to right it's self, don't jump off. I was blown away by this ride. Loved it! Everyone should do this once this year!

But wait they have more!! Here you can get your picture taken with Santa, march in a band, shop and even snow sled.

The sled area is located in a tunnel, and the track is huge! Definitely check that out.

Be sure to check their card making kiosk. Here you can make a card for a special someone.

Finally they change the sim six times a year, so sign up on the kiosk to get info when the change.

The kind of sim:
Christmas 2016,

How to dress for the sim
Casual, Christmas and winter looks are your best bet. The sim is rated mature, but I wouldn't go overly sexy here, as it has a very family feel here.

What to do
Take picture with Santa, make cards for loved ones, amazing xmas ride, snow sled,

The events going on

who will love it
anyone in the Christmas mood, families group hangout, and even date.

Rp and picture taking:
no real rp, but could easily be part of a personal family rp, lots of great places for Christmas photos

special notes
The sim changes 6 times a year, so sign up for notices!

The times you will find people on
People are there often, but not really a meetup place


Hope you enjoyed my review and look for me inworld:
Ashlyn Cazalet

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